User-Friendly Features Your Hotel Laundry Washing Machines Must Have

Making laundry appliances available to the guests who choose to stay in your hotel is one way to make sure they can stay for as long as they need. If you are in the process of making a few upgrades and adding a laundry area is part of the list, choosing the best commercial-grade appliances is a major step in the process. While you could just invest in a few regular sets of washers and dryers, it is much better to go with appliances that are designed for heavy use. Here are a few key features you should be looking for when you shop with a commercial appliance wholesale distributor.

1. Quick Cycle Capabilities - People who are traveling are often going to be in a hurry. If they need to stop in and do laundry, they will likely appreciate it if the washing machines that you have available have speed cycle settings that take less than an hour to complete. Make sure when you are shopping for washing machines, look for those that have an array of washy cycle settings, including a speed cycle that can help your guests get their closed washed so they can be on their way.

2. Automatic Detergent Dispensers - Too much laundry detergent or fabric softener can be hard on washing machines internally. The excess grime can build up inside of the drainage system and leave a lot of residue inside of the wash basket. To prevent problems with guests using too much laundry detergent and fabric softeners during wash cycles, make sure the models you choose offer automatic dispensers that disperse the correct amount of detergent with every cycle. This function eliminates the need for soap to be added during the cycle.

3. Electronically Available Cycle Signals - It may sound like an expense that is unnecessary, but if you can find the commercial washers that have the capability to send digital alerts when a cycle is over, your guests will appreciate this feature for sure. These high-tech machines actually connect to the hotel's WiFi to send digital alarms when the wash cycle ends. These machines can be configured to send a message to either a mobile phone number or email messaging system. 

Making sure that the washing machines in your hotel are specifically designed to be easy-to-use and convenient for your guests is an important part of your investment. Be sure to talk with a wholesale appliance distributor for more information.