How To Reduce Headphone Loss In The Classroom

Using headphones in the classroom is a great way to help students focus on the task they have before them on their computers. Headphones reduce outside noise distraction and allow students to study their online lessons at their own pace without the studies of students around them interrupting their progress. As helpful as school headphones are in the classroom, students can misplace headphones or even accidentally take them home with them, which can lead to extra costs in replacing them. Here are ways you can prevent or reduce headphone loss in the classroom.

Secure headphones to computers

Headphones can be secured to the computer tables or chairs via zip ties. Simply place a zip tie around the headphone's cord and a table or chair leg, leaving enough room for students to be able to plug their headphones in and wear them comfortably. With headphones securely in place, students will be able to leave them at the appropriate desk without accidentally misplacing them or taking them home.

Start a checkout chart

Use a metallic gold or silver permanent marker to number each set of headphones so students can check out individual headphones and become accountable for them during their use. At the beginning of class, have students check out their headphones by signing their name next to the appropriate number they have received, then have them sign them back in when class is over. You can review the chart for any missing signatures if headphones go missing so you know which students may have neglected to turn theirs in.

Actively collect headphones after use

You can make students accountable for their headphone use by actively collecting them personally at the end of class. Any student who does not have their headphones at the ready to turn back in can then be held after class until they are found or have a note sent home to their parents explaining that their child was given headphones in class and did not turn them in. The note can explain that the student has a certain number of days to turn them in or they will be held responsible for the replacement. This action can help prevent students 'losing' headphones by placing them responsible for loss while in their possession.

Headphones in the classroom can be very beneficial for a variety of lessons. If you are worried about school headphones going missing in class, a checkout chart, securing headphones to desks, and even making students pay for replacement can help prevent this from happening.