3 Birthday Gift Ideas For The 49ers Fan In Your Life

Are you in the market for a birthday gift to surprise the 49ers fan in your life? Look no further – here are three gift ideas that are sure to impress your loved one:

A Trip to San Francisco

What better way to celebrate the 49ers than to spend some time in their original home city? San Francisco features a smorgasbord of activities and attractions to stay busy with, and the opportunity to pay homage to the "Niners" is as easy as having a picnic by Levi's Stadium in nearby Santa Clara, which is the team's new official home. Alternatively, you'll find a few restaurants near the stadium that are decked out with 49ers paraphernalia to admire – your loved one may even spot their favorite players out of uniform at Jersey Mike's. Plan a weekend getaway for you and your loved one and pack nothing but 49ers apparel for the trip!

A Custom Calendar

Give the 49ers fan in your life an opportunity to stare at their favorite players every day of the year by creating them a customized calendar. Choose an action picture of twelve of your loved one's favorite players and have them printed out on a basic calendar so that each player represents a different month of the year. You can further customize the calendar by having each of the 49er's planned games for the year as well as each player's birthday printed on it. Have each page of the calendar laminated so your loved one can write their own appointments and reminders on it yet still clean it off for safe-keeping once the year is over.

A New Cell Phone Cover

Gifting your loved one with a new 49ers NFL team phone case will allow them to show off their support to friends and family while at the same time protect their phone from unnecessary damage. Once you get the case cover, consider having your loved one's name and birthdate inscribed on it to give it a personalized look and feel. Don't choose a case that's designated "universal," as it may end up being too loose or tight to use regularly. You'll need to know the exact make and model of your loved one's phone to ensure that the case you get them is a perfect fit.

Gifting your loved one with just one of these ideas is sure to put a big smile on their face, but you'll likely make their whole year by combining them all into one gift package.