4 Advantages Of Pinball Machines Over Regular Video Games

Pinball machines used to be a staple in arcades all across the United States but were quickly phased out by home video game consoles. Now, instead of going to an arcade, you can find pinball machines for sale and feature the real arcades in your own home. Along with visual aesthetics, you will find multiple advantages of a pinball machine over traditional video games.

1. Exercise & Fitness

A pinball machine is typically a stand-up arcade that requires you to press buttons on the side and pull on the launcher. The standing and physical movements associated with a pinball machine offer a lot more fitness than a traditional video game. The use of a pinball machine is better for your posture and includes ways to burn extra calories.

2. Replay Value

Pinball machines come with a lot of replay value. First of all, the games are endless. You could play a pinball machine non-stop and the game would just continue. Pinball machines also feature a lot of unlockable modes that will help expand the game. Unlike traditional video games, you can just pick up and play without the need for saved game files.

Pinball machines will save your high scores and give you some ideal goals to try and achieve. Many pinball machines are timeless, and you will learn how to activate different modes and bonus games that expand on the entertainment value.

3. Multiplayer Options

When playing multiplayer video games, you could run into multiple hassles. A split-screen game mode in person could limit the viewing space on a TV. If you play online, you could run into lag and connection issues. When you play multi-player pinball, you alternate turns. On another player's turn, you can stand by the side and watch as they play.

You also have the option to have one player complete a whole round and then have another player play. With the different options, you could set up tournaments and different types of play to expand the multi-player fun. For example, a round-robin could feature challenges like only one hand allowed at a time.

4. Saving Money

Modern video games often include a lot of extra charges for DLC content, updates, and extra skins. When you purchase used pinball machines for sale, everything is included in a single package. You do not have to worry about adding extras or unlocking additional content.

Coin-operated pinball machines also give you a chance to save money. Turn on the coin operation and then fill the pinball machine with quarters each time you play. After a while, you will have a big collection of coins saved up.

Shop around for pinball machines to find fun themes and designs that interest you. Contact a local seller, like Old Town Pinball.